TCC expands Info Center capacity during peak enrollment

Jennifer Black, a staff member with the TAACCCT Grant, answered Info Center calls on July 28.

Jennifer Black, a staff member with the TAACCCT Grant, answered Info Center calls on July 28.

The question came up during planning for the current enrollment cycle: If we know that calls to the TCC Information Center increase every July and August and that some callers will have trouble getting through, why not increase the number of people who answer phones?

We made it happen, and now there are 36 trained volunteers who will supplement Information Center staff through Aug. 24. Employees from departments college-wide signed up. Continue reading

More prospects in the pipeline

Chart showing increase in prospect tracking system entries.One of the improvements since the advent of Strategic Enrollment Management is the expansion of the Prospect Tracking System.

The Information Center, Web Communications and OIS worked together to develop an online prospect form that feeds information directly into the Prospect Tracking System. The form is deployed on many different pages, including a prominent button on the home page (,, and on our external campaign site, Continue reading

Talking Up TCC: How You Can Support Recruitment

This Guest Post is courtesy of Meshea Vann, Norfolk Campus Admissions Coordinator.

Have you talked up TCC at your church or to your neighbors? Taken part in a college fair or visited a high school? Told your friends why TCC is the right college choice?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are a recruiter. And we want to hear from you! Continue reading

Simplifying high school pre-enrollment by 99 steps

SEM process mappingOver the past several weeks, the TCC community has provided insight and feedback regarding our pre-enrollment process. It became clear that one of the first steps in SEM should be to develop a clearer understanding of our current processes and then strategically develop a vision for the future.

So last week, TCC provided process mapping training to 22 college employees, who represented a cross-section of the college and included members of the faculty, executive staff and functional experts.  This group of individuals will serve as the college’s “SEM Train-the-Trainer Process Mapping Team” and will be responsible for continuing to help engage the college community and guide the SEM process. Continue reading

A college student walks into an admissions office…

No, it’s not the start of a joke, but it does describe the first phase of our SEM initiative: Pre-Enrollment.

We’re looking for energetic and knowledgeable task force members for this phase, which we will be working on during the spring semester. If you or someone you know can contribute expertise, experience or just good ideas, complete the online nomination form. We are also looking for a few good students for this phase because, after all, this is all about them.

The deadline is Tuesday, Jan. 7. Continue reading