Guest post: New program materials are on the way!

Sample of new program materials

By Curt Wynn, marketing director

With a total of 146 academic programs (and counting), creating and maintaining informational materials for all of our academic programs has been a challenge. With the sheer breadth of our academic offerings, by the time materials were designed, proofed, approved and printed, many were already out of date.

The answer has eluded us for years. Until now.

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Celebrating Milestones in SEM!

It’s an exciting time in our evolving strategic enrollment management process, and I wanted to share some highlights – milestones really.

We told you back in December that Goal 1.1 of the college’s 2013-2018 strategic plan is to develop a sound SEM process, a huge undertaking we approached with vigor.

We’re still early in a complete implementation of SEM but we’ve accomplished so much in this short time thanks to the teamwork of many of our colleagues. Some highlights we’re thrilled to share: Continue reading