Guest post: New program materials are on the way!

Sample of new program materials

By Curt Wynn, marketing director

With a total of 146 academic programs (and counting), creating and maintaining informational materials for all of our academic programs has been a challenge. With the sheer breadth of our academic offerings, by the time materials were designed, proofed, approved and printed, many were already out of date.

The answer has eluded us for years. Until now.

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An achievement in dual enrollment!

Jason Dyer, dual enrollment, TCC, Portsmouth

Jason Dyer started TCC while a student at Woodrow Wilson High School in Portsmouth. He was featured in the most recent issue of CareerFocus.

What began as a SEM process map last spring has resulted in a manual that provides standardized information on TCC’s dual-enrollment program. Executive Staff approved the manual at its Feb. 5 meeting.

Many different people – dual-enrollment counselors, admissions staff, career coaches – may interact with high school students and parents interested in dual enrollment. With dual enrollment, college-ready high school juniors and seniors may take courses at TCC or at their own schools that will count toward college credit. Continue reading

Phase 2 teams are applying elbow grease to process mapping

TCC SEM Phase 2, Group 1, group photograph

Group 1 is mapping admissions, orientation and placement testing. Back row, from left: Terry Eusebio, Khristy Horne, Ray Zatt, Sarah Swager, Nina Elopre, Joyce Flowers, Lauren Rappold, Tuenika Wynn. Seated: Kevin McCarthy, Meshea Vann, Carolyn Cheek, Holly Estrada, Apple Tarves. (Photo courtesy of Dan Cawley)


Sticky notes and markers in hand, five teams have launched Phase 2 of TCC’s Strategic Enrollment Management initiative: Applicant to Student. They are working on an aggressive timeline with finalized “future state” maps to be completed by Dec. 5 and action registries by Dec. 12.

“As everyone knows, enrollment is already trending downward for the spring semester,” said Chuck Lepper, vice president for Student Affairs and one of the college’s three SEM champions. “It is critical that we move more students through the enrollment funnel in order to reverse that trend as soon as possible.” Continue reading

Simplifying high school pre-enrollment by 99 steps

SEM process mappingOver the past several weeks, the TCC community has provided insight and feedback regarding our pre-enrollment process. It became clear that one of the first steps in SEM should be to develop a clearer understanding of our current processes and then strategically develop a vision for the future.

So last week, TCC provided process mapping training to 22 college employees, who represented a cross-section of the college and included members of the faculty, executive staff and functional experts.  This group of individuals will serve as the college’s “SEM Train-the-Trainer Process Mapping Team” and will be responsible for continuing to help engage the college community and guide the SEM process. Continue reading

A new group to help guide

In the month ending Jan. 9, the website had more than one and a half million pageviews, and two of the more visited pages were “admissions” and “financial aid.” It’s clear that the revamp of the website, which we will undertake this year, will focus heavily on how students use the website, how they WANT to use the website and how the website can best move them from prospects to applicants to students.

If you want to inform that discussion, apply to be on TCC’s new Web Advisory Council. The council will act as a sounding board in the development of the new website, as well as bring ideas and information to the table about the structure and content of

The goal of the WAC (we hesitate to call it the “whack”) is to bring diverse viewpoints and experiences to those who are charged with managing our public web presence. The council will comprise faculty and administrators, as well as representatives from all corners of the college, and also a student. It will operate under the auspices of the Office of Institutional Advancement.

Read the description of the Web Advisory Council here, and apply to be a member here.

Students: we need your participation, too! Here’s your nomination form.