“Waiving” good-bye to paper pre-requisite forms

Spring brings a new crop of daffodils and a new crop of students from other colleges who want to take a course this summer at TCC. A 2014 innovation, proposed at a meeting of Public Affairs and Communications and Student Affairs was an online form to help students demonstrate they had met a course pre-requisite without having to fill out a paper form and stand in line at a campus.

Which is not easy if, say, you’re at Virginia Tech or JMU.

The online form went live for the summer of 2014, and immediately became popular. Students fill out information about the course they want to take and are able to attach their unofficial transcripts. Jennifer Perkinson, an advisor in the Info Center, evaluates and approves the requests, in collaboration with the College Registrar and academic division offices. Continue reading

An achievement in dual enrollment!

Jason Dyer, dual enrollment, TCC, Portsmouth

Jason Dyer started TCC while a student at Woodrow Wilson High School in Portsmouth. He was featured in the most recent issue of CareerFocus.

What began as a SEM process map last spring has resulted in a manual that provides standardized information on TCC’s dual-enrollment program. Executive Staff approved the manual at its Feb. 5 meeting.

Many different people – dual-enrollment counselors, admissions staff, career coaches – may interact with high school students and parents interested in dual enrollment. With dual enrollment, college-ready high school juniors and seniors may take courses at TCC or at their own schools that will count toward college credit. Continue reading

More prospects in the pipeline

Chart showing increase in prospect tracking system entries.One of the improvements since the advent of Strategic Enrollment Management is the expansion of the Prospect Tracking System.

The Information Center, Web Communications and OIS worked together to develop an online prospect form that feeds information directly into the Prospect Tracking System. The form is deployed on many different pages, including a prominent button on the home page (tcc.edu), tcc.edu/openhouse, tcc.edu/dynamic and on our external campaign site, tccenroll.com. Continue reading

Making enrollment simpler: No-fee placement testing

Test takers at computersIf Strategic Enrollment Management has taught us anything, it’s the importance of removing – or at least lowering – barriers to student enrollment. One of those barriers has been the $4 fee charged for the Virginia Placement Test (VPT).

Phase 2 process mapping pointed out confusion around the fee among testing centers and military base representatives. For example, students were advised they couldn’t pay with credit cards because the fee fell below the $5 minimum. VP for Finance Phyllis Milloy said, however, that minimum hasn’t been in place for many years. Continue reading

Phase 2 teams are applying elbow grease to process mapping

TCC SEM Phase 2, Group 1, group photograph

Group 1 is mapping admissions, orientation and placement testing. Back row, from left: Terry Eusebio, Khristy Horne, Ray Zatt, Sarah Swager, Nina Elopre, Joyce Flowers, Lauren Rappold, Tuenika Wynn. Seated: Kevin McCarthy, Meshea Vann, Carolyn Cheek, Holly Estrada, Apple Tarves. (Photo courtesy of Dan Cawley)


Sticky notes and markers in hand, five teams have launched Phase 2 of TCC’s Strategic Enrollment Management initiative: Applicant to Student. They are working on an aggressive timeline with finalized “future state” maps to be completed by Dec. 5 and action registries by Dec. 12.

“As everyone knows, enrollment is already trending downward for the spring semester,” said Chuck Lepper, vice president for Student Affairs and one of the college’s three SEM champions. “It is critical that we move more students through the enrollment funnel in order to reverse that trend as soon as possible.” Continue reading