Keeping track of our customers: students

Until the Prospect Tracking System came into wider use, keeping tabs on students and prospects may have involved notebooks, paper files or Excel spreadsheets. But as the need for shared information and collaboration has grown, so has the need for a more robust tracking system.

Now, that new system is in development: a customer relationship management (CRM) system. The need for CRM was identified during SEM Phase 1 process mapping.

The CRM is a database that helps an organization manage interactions with current and prospective customers, and use the data associated with them to drive “conversions” – in our case, enrollment. At its most sophisticated, a CRM could tie into existing systems and track the status of a student all the way through successful academic completion.

CRM data will allow our staff to work from the same set of information and provide tailored assistance to prospects. How many postcards has that prospect received? How many phone calls? What did she say? Did she attend an open house? Has he applied for admission? These are all data points that we need to track more consistently.

Our competitors do a very good job of this. We have to be good at it, too.

In conjunction with the offices of Student Affairs and Information Systems, Marketing has proposed a project workflow for the TCC CRM and presented it to the provosts and other senior executives.

While this is a large and complex project, the development of the initial requirements represents a significant milestone in the development of strategic enrollment management at TCC. Before finalizing the plan, Student Affairs is seeking feedback from campus deans of student services and admissions functions.

Below you will find a schematic detailing the identified key stakeholders of the system, the inputs and outputs, and how these areas work with one another.  Additionally, you can read a presentation with complete details of the proposed system.

Have you used CRM at a previous employer? Are there lessons learned or observations you can share to help TCC as it implements CRM? Post them on the blog!

customer relationship management schematic


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