Guest post: New program materials are on the way!

Sample of new program materials

By Curt Wynn, marketing director

With a total of 146 academic programs (and counting), creating and maintaining informational materials for all of our academic programs has been a challenge. With the sheer breadth of our academic offerings, by the time materials were designed, proofed, approved and printed, many were already out of date.

The answer has eluded us for years. Until now.

Through the process of SEM, the creation of these materials became an institutional priority and the Department of Visual Communications responded.

Known primarily for their design prowess, the department’s problem-solving skills actually led to the “aha” moment that made this happen. Visual Communications Manager Mary Beth Apperson and her staff took a deep look at not only the visual side of the project, but also the process involved in creating these materials, only to find that i-INCURR, the college’s  comprehensive database of academic curricula, was the key to bringing them all together. The team created a fresh and modern design around program information that already exists in i-INCURR. The result: accurate, timely and manageable project workflow.

As of today, we can boast that materials have been updated and printed for all 146 academic programs. Better yet, we have a system in place to keep these materials up-to-date for years to come.

The Visual Communications staff is currently touring campus leadership meetings for a quick orientation on usage and ordering procedures. By Monday, May 4th, campuses will have received an initial product delivery. Individual cards and packets organized by academic cluster are available for TCC staff to order from the Existing Products webpage at

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  1. Nice progress toward making it simple for TCC students to enroll and register! The new homepage of the website looks great, too.

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