“Waiving” good-bye to paper pre-requisite forms

Spring brings a new crop of daffodils and a new crop of students from other colleges who want to take a course this summer at TCC. A 2014 innovation, proposed at a meeting of Public Affairs and Communications and Student Affairs was an online form to help students demonstrate they had met a course pre-requisite without having to fill out a paper form and stand in line at a campus.

Which is not easy if, say, you’re at Virginia Tech or JMU.

The online form went live for the summer of 2014, and immediately became popular. Students fill out information about the course they want to take and are able to attach their unofficial transcripts. Jennifer Perkinson, an advisor in the Info Center, evaluates and approves the requests, in collaboration with the College Registrar and academic division offices.

Recently, Jennifer and Sarah Swager, Info Center manager, presented the online pre-requisite waiver form to the academic deans as an alternative option for transient students. The deans were pleased with the efficiency of the process and saw the benefits both for students and the college as a whole, Jennifer reports.

The form remained popular during the fall, and traffic has ramped up even more as students consider their summer options. Jennifer reports that 85 forms were processed in November and 64 in December, mostly from students who attend other colleges locally and need to take a TCC course to meet a requirement.

Overall, nearly 900 forms have been processed, and more are coming in every day.

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