An achievement in dual enrollment!

Jason Dyer, dual enrollment, TCC, Portsmouth

Jason Dyer started TCC while a student at Woodrow Wilson High School in Portsmouth. He was featured in the most recent issue of CareerFocus.

What began as a SEM process map last spring has resulted in a manual that provides standardized information on TCC’s dual-enrollment program. Executive Staff approved the manual at its Feb. 5 meeting.

Many different people – dual-enrollment counselors, admissions staff, career coaches – may interact with high school students and parents interested in dual enrollment. With dual enrollment, college-ready high school juniors and seniors may take courses at TCC or at their own schools that will count toward college credit.

As process mapping found, processes and practices differed from campus to campus, so a college-wide committee comprising a dozen deans, admissions staff and recruiters worked for nearly a year to create a one-stop resource for TCC staff. In addition, portions can be provided to external audiences – such as parents and high school guidance counselors – through a printed brochure and the new TCC website.

James Toscano, VP for Public Affairs and Communications and a member of the SEM leadership, congratulated the committee. “The completion of this action item has been a model demonstration of SEM implementation,” he said.

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