More prospects in the pipeline

Chart showing increase in prospect tracking system entries.One of the improvements since the advent of Strategic Enrollment Management is the expansion of the Prospect Tracking System.

The Information Center, Web Communications and OIS worked together to develop an online prospect form that feeds information directly into the Prospect Tracking System. The form is deployed on many different pages, including a prominent button on the home page (,, and on our external campaign site,

The numbers tell the story: In October, November and December 2013, the names of 539 prospects were added to the system with contact information. The same months in 2014 recorded 2,151 prospects. Expert users at all campuses and centers have been trained.

Why is this important? The Prospect Tracking System tells us know who is at least interested in TCC so that we can continue to communicate with them. They receive a packet of information, a follow-up phone call and invitations to open houses. The for-profit colleges do this exceptionally well.

The challenge, of course, is turning prospects into enrolled students – which is the focus of Phase 2 of SEM.

4 thoughts on “More prospects in the pipeline

  1. Like any other new business process, time will tell. Nothing is proved without data, but you have to start somewhere.The concept is basic and easy to understand.

    This is the way profit companies conduct “on-line” sales and have for years! They can tell by your specific interest in products what and when to send you alerts.

    It would be nice if the Counselors at High Schools (both Public and Private) in TCC’s geographic areas, promoted this opportunity and had easy access to the “Database” or “Software Solution” so that their Seniors could “log-in” and provide their intent with location, phone, or e-mail data.

    We do it all the time when we want to be a part of a blog or to be placed on an urgent notice (like for department store sales and clearance items). We give them a valid e-mail address, mailing address, and phone number with the disclaimer that the personal information will not be shared by anyone else on the blog.

    • Dave,

      We would also need “buy-in” from the High Schools to promote this, Counselors would have to see and be convinced of the “value added.”

      Of course the “value added” for them is to see their students move forward in life on a positive path, continuing the lifelong learning process and still getting the courses they need to transfer to a 4 year school at a later date – all without breaking the bank!

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