Making enrollment simpler: No-fee placement testing

Test takers at computersIf Strategic Enrollment Management has taught us anything, it’s the importance of removing – or at least lowering – barriers to student enrollment. One of those barriers has been the $4 fee charged for the Virginia Placement Test (VPT).

Phase 2 process mapping pointed out confusion around the fee among testing centers and military base representatives. For example, students were advised they couldn’t pay with credit cards because the fee fell below the $5 minimum. VP for Finance Phyllis Milloy said, however, that minimum hasn’t been in place for many years.

TCC eliminated the VPT fee – and the confusion – on Dec. 20.

“This is a huge benefit for many students,” says Khristy Horne, coordinator of testing services. “Online students, those on military installations, students out of the area who want to apply for apprenticeship programs – this really helps them.”

Sarah Swager, Information Center Manager, pointed out that students can now test more easily on Saturdays, when business offices are closed, and at public libraries, which offer free proctoring.

The change puts TCC in line with its VCCS neighbors, Thomas Nelson and Paul D. Camp community colleges. VP Milloy, who suggested the fee be eliminated, said, “When we considered the staff time involved in administering and collecting the fee, the impact to the budget was very minimal.”

Score one for a simplified testing process!

6 thoughts on “Making enrollment simpler: No-fee placement testing

  1. This was a great idea for our students. Please continue the good work that you all are doing for our student. My daughter is interested in coming to TCC so I hope she will be able go into her curriculum that she asked me about which are Social Worker or Child protection Service. My job is to make sure I am satisfying everyone I come in contact with. Therefore, I always tell people why they should come to Tidewater Community College.

  2. I work at a public library, and we do offer free proctoring. However, I have not heard anything about placement test proctoring. Has this been coordinated with the Chesapeake library system yet?

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