On to Phase 2! Kickoff is Oct. 2

Implementation of the first phase of Strategic Enrollment Management – “Pre-Enrollment” – is underway, with hundreds of improvements to recruitment and prospect management identified and also some immediate fixes.

In order to realize the college-wide benefits of the extensive process mapping and planning activities that began in the spring, TCC must commit to full implementation of these tasks.

And many on our staff are hard at work doing just that! Phase 1 implementation action items will continue on to completion using a project management approach and technology.

Enrollment artTake a deep breath, everyone, because Phase 2 – “Enrollment, from Applicant to Student” – launches on Oct. 2 with a kick-off meeting at our Center for Workforce Solutions. Phase 2 will include such college activities as academic advising, paying tuition and class registration.

With a reinforced and re-energized team, the Phase 2 kick-off meeting will include an overview and exercises in process mapping, as well as finalizing the project scope and an approach to the work.

We’re looking for energetic and knowledgeable task force members for this phase. If you or someone you know can contribute expertise, experience or just good ideas, complete and submit the online nomination form by Friday, Sept. 19.

Again, TCC and its students need your support and your elbow grease as we approach these questions:

  • Which offices and staffs should be involved?
  • How can we capture students’ voices?
  • What topics should be addressed?
  • What processes should be mapped as we look to streamline and standardize?

We want to hear your thoughts on these questions. Post comments below no later than Friday, Sept. 19, and remember to use the Your Voice form for task force nominations.

Daniel, Chuck & James (aka “The 3 Amigos”)

2 thoughts on “On to Phase 2! Kickoff is Oct. 2

  1. Dear Three Amigos,

    In “Your Voice” I both left a comment of my interest in improving academic advising and also nominated myself (under comments) for the Task Force. The latter was per following the advice of Mr. James Toscano, i.e., “Please visit the SEM blog and submit your name to be part of the recruitment team being organized by Meshea Moore (and read her post from last month). Also, some of what you discuss (in my email to James) will be addressed in Phase 3 of our SEM initiative. We’ll need your help with that and would appreciate you volunteering when that call for team members goes out, hopefully in the spring.
    Best, James”

    I hope I am not too bold in expression of my desire to contribute to improving enrollment number for TCC and also to improve the number of students preparing for and achieving successful completion of their academic courses at TCC.

    Thank you for your consideration.


  2. Of the topics mentioned for the Oct. 2 meeting and phase 2, I am most concerned with the present state of academic advising. It seems to vary between different students, the resource for advising, the student major/academic interest, among other considerations.

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