Talking Up TCC: How You Can Support Recruitment

This Guest Post is courtesy of Meshea Vann, Norfolk Campus Admissions Coordinator.

Have you talked up TCC at your church or to your neighbors? Taken part in a college fair or visited a high school? Told your friends why TCC is the right college choice?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are a recruiter. And we want to hear from you!

Among the more than 100 tasks on the SEM Phase 1 (Pre-Enrollment) action registry is to:

  • think more broadly and inclusively about who recruits students for TCC;
  • identify others who are interested in becoming part of the recruitment support network;
  • make sure everyone is provided consistent training and materials.

To achieve this, we are establishing a network of recruiters to help us spread the word about TCC. This network wouldn’t be limited to faculty and staff; we plan to enlist the help of student ambassadors and our alumni as well. So, if you are already informally (or formally) recruiting, or you want to help tell the TCC story in your community, please click the link below to fill out the form below, and one of our SEM coordinators will contact you.

8 thoughts on “Talking Up TCC: How You Can Support Recruitment

  1. I know that we have representatives at the Norfolk Public Schools (or any of our city schools) at their college fairs, but it may be more beneficial to have actual faculty members come to the schools to have a “TCC Day.” Instructors can go through a college lecture with the students, give them a sample syllabi, talk to them about what it takes to be a college student at TCC, and put a face of the instructor there for them to identify with when they are thinking about where they want to go to school. We could provide a much more personal experience for them that may be very welcoming and inviting.

  2. I think those of us that can try and possibly speak at our churches, and civic leagues that we can get invited to. I just saw my roster for the fall semester and it is very disheartening to say the least. I can remember having larger classes, not sure where the momentum has gone and disconnect. I do hope through this process we retain it.

  3. I have a neighbor who is a high school teacher. We’ve discussed TCC and she has started talking to her students about us! I’m proud of what we do and have “spread the word” to others.

  4. I talk about the quality and breadth of course offerings, and staff professionalism of TCC with my colegues, tennis friends and others who ask about my adjunct teaching experience. TCC offers a superb educational step in anyones career. Good luck with your recruiting program.

  5. Whenever I am around teenagers that are getting ready to graduate, I ask if they have decided on a College. I also asked if they have checked out TCC. Some of them want to go away. Some haven’t decided. Some of them have dropped out of school and don’t know where to start. I give them my work number and tell them to call me and I will send them to the right office or person.

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