“And the SEMMY goes to…”

Winners of Tidewater Community College SEMMY awards for Strategic Enrollment Management Contributions.

Celebrating their team’s SEMMY award are, from left, David Ekker, Christine Damrose-Mahlman, Jennifer Harpham and Constance King

As the mapping of SEM Phase 1 comes to a close, on Monday the core SEM team paused to reflect on its accomplishments.

After a video welcome by President Baehre-Kolovani, Daniel DeMarte, Chuck Lepper and James Toscano, the project champions, awarded team members with “SEMMYs” in such categories as Most Steps Reduced, Best Process Mapping, Most Team Encouragement, Most Responsibility, Most Flexible Team, Busiest Team, and Most Ambitious Team.

Each member of the team was awarded an “SEM Trail Blazer” certificate for their pioneering work to undertake important process change at the college and collaborate to develop a system consistent with our focus on One College, One Voice, One Future.

Winners of Tidewater Community College SEMMY awards.

Sarah Swager, left, and Meshea Moore Vann, right, are congratulated by Daniel DeMarte for their SEM contributions..

While there is much progress to celebrate, work on implementing Phase 1 remains. The chart below outlines the dramatic change in pre-enrollment processes the SEM team has outlined.

Now comes the hard part – making the outlined future state the college’s new reality to better serve our students and make the process more seamless for staff. Stay tuned for communications over the next few weeks that address how this work is being accomplished. Additional photos from the SEM celebration luncheon can be viewed on Flickr.

Chart shows how many steps in current processes were eliminated by SEM teams.

Chart shows how many steps in current processes were eliminated by SEM teams.

7 thoughts on ““And the SEMMY goes to…”

  1. A big shout out and thank you to those who were asked to provide information for our teams. Without their feedback we could not have accomplished what we did!

  2. Congratulations to the SEM Teams you deserve it. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to carrying on the positive!

  3. Congratulations to the SEM teams — this is a lot of work, and you all are most deserving of recognition. Looking forward to next steps!

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