Celebrating Milestones in SEM!

It’s an exciting time in our evolving strategic enrollment management process, and I wanted to share some highlights – milestones really.

We told you back in December that Goal 1.1 of the college’s 2013-2018 strategic plan is to develop a sound SEM process, a huge undertaking we approached with vigor.

We’re still early in a complete implementation of SEM but we’ve accomplished so much in this short time thanks to the teamwork of many of our colleagues. Some highlights we’re thrilled to share:

*The creation of a recruitment database that allows TCC staff to track all the events staff attends in attracting prospective students.  In doing this, we incorporated many of the good ideas that were suggested by the SEM groups. We expect the new system to be up and running shortly!

*We have streamlined the process of enrolling visiting students, many of whom attend four-year institutions outside of Hampton Roads. A new online form and improved campus communications eliminated the bottleneck these visiting students used to encounter.  As of May 22, we have had 294 forms submitted and, of those, we were able to assist 235 enroll. Kudos to my colleagues, Chuck Lepper, Sarah Swager, Marian Anderfuren and Allison Treloar, for their collaboration in regards to this effort, and especially Jennifer Perkinson who responded to all 294 forms!

*Finally, we’ve been mindful since we started SEM that it needs to be an interactive process in order to be successful, one where we ask for empirical feedback from our students, listen to their responses and proceed accordingly. I’m happy to report that we had an overwhelming response to a recent email poll of students who chose not to enroll for summer session. Their answers will allow us to serve them better. Thanks to Curt Aasen and the Institutional Effectiveness team for putting that together.

In addition, we found something of a silver lining in that, while summer enrollment dipped, more than 80 percent of those students said they plan to return in the fall.

Indeed, we have much to be proud of, and we’re only at the beginning! Imagine the possibilities as we continue to make strides in SEM. Great work, everyone!!

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  1. Great information regarding students that did not enroll in summer classes. SEM is off to a great start!

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