Enrollment time in the age of SEM

It wasn’t an April Fool’s joke: TCC started priority registration for current students for summer and fall this past Saturday. Registration for current and new students kicks off on April 12. It’s a major change from previous years, when fall registration didn’t start until July.

Another big change is strategic enrollment management. Many TCC staff members have been through pre-enrollment process mapping exercises, and perhaps are more aware of potential speed bumps for students trying to apply to TCC and get registered for classes.

So here’s a request from the SEM team: Document problems you spot, suggest any process improvements you think of – and just generally keep your eyes and ears open during this enrollment period.

What questions are students asking? What are their complaints and difficulties? And yes – what seems to be working?

Then – this is the important part – come back to this blog and tell us what you learned, either through the public comment space below, or through the feedback page, which is seen by team members only. Rest assured that we do pay attention to the comments the blog gathers.

6 thoughts on “Enrollment time in the age of SEM

  1. I would like to see some level of training for library public service staff. Students and prospective students come to the libraries expecting to get help with enrollment/registration during evenings and weekends when enrollment services is closed. We help as best as we are able, but it is inconsistent because only some of my staff know enough to be helpful, and none of them have training. We also need to establish and communicate criteria for when it is necessary make a referral to enrollment services.

    We hold 2 or 3 college-wide day-long library staff development events, so it would be relatively convenient to provide consistent training to all library public service staff. You provide the training, and I will provide attentive and motivated trainees…

    Thanks for considering,


  2. It would be really helpful if there was a “how to” handout for faculty to assist students in registering. Many of my students seek my help in planning their classes and I’ve learned how to register them via trial and error.

    • A handout could be beneficial for faculty and students, something that breaks registration down step-by-step and offers troubleshooting suggestions. Perhaps another way to make registration easier for continuing students is to offer registration workshops during the week of early registration before it opens to new students. However, it should be noted that students learn how to register for classes at orientation and do their academic planning in SDV 100.

  3. We need to go back to the practice of starting registration on Mondays. Students have expressed frustration to staff in the Information Center that registration begins on a weekend day and if they have problems, they can’t go in to the campus to get help. They are afraid that waiting until after the weekend that the class they need will meet its enrollment cap and they will not be able to enroll.

    • I agree with this point. I have a friend who is a returning adult student. She stayed up until just after midnight so that she could get the courses she wanted. So at least one student (likely more) are “sniping” courses on that first weekend of the registration period. It could certainly create problems for students having problems with registration.

  4. I am told that FA Offices are only allowed to place a DND on “new” students that are applying for aid while it is processed. Frequently there are students that matriculated at the college several years ago; they are not treated as “new” students and FA staff are not allowed to put on DNDs. That is unfair and should be reviewed to make it more equitable.

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