4 thoughts on “Guest post: Making a difference at TCC, one tweet at a time

  1. When my daughter, a senior a W&M, registered for a course one summer she was quite baffled by our online registration system despite the fact that everyone registers on line at W&M and she had years of experience. One of the biggest issues is that when you register you cannot pay for the course from that site. There is not even a link. So she did not pay although she was ready to. She later got a post card saying she would be dropped from the course because she had not paid!!! The care was rather rude. I have asked and heard that the system has not changed. How crazy. When I order anything on line – it sends me to checkout where I pay or have it billed. My thought is this, if a student pays when they register they are more likely to take the class. If time passes they may forget, decide not to take the course etc. Especially now we are accepting registration so far in advance. I recommend a link on the registration web page that sends them directly to a site to pay at that time. Even if we agree not to charge it until the start of the course.

    • Susan,
      Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I am sorry to hear about your daughter’s experience. I have added this issue to my list of things to investigate. Thanks again!


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