A college student walks into an admissions office…

No, it’s not the start of a joke, but it does describe the first phase of our SEM initiative: Pre-Enrollment.

We’re looking for energetic and knowledgeable task force members for this phase, which we will be working on during the spring semester. If you or someone you know can contribute expertise, experience or just good ideas, complete the online nomination form. We are also looking for a few good students for this phase because, after all, this is all about them.

The deadline is Tuesday, Jan. 7.

As we pull the resources together to get moving on Phase I, we ask for your help in focusing our efforts. Looking at the graphical framework, ask yourself:

  • What college processes belong in Phase I? Marketing, high school recruitment, the website, for sure. What else?
  • What audiences are we reaching? What audiences are we missing?
  • Do we have processes in place for following up with prospects? What other processes are needed?

If you have thoughts on these questions, or anything else you’d like to contribute, use the Your Voice form.

Daniel, Chuck & James

8 thoughts on “A college student walks into an admissions office…

  1. Attaching some excerpts from conversation within the Interactive Communications Department spurred on by this post:

    …we have a big opportunity to embody TCC’s Pre-Enrollment and Enrollment strategies within the TCC Mobile app. Mobile devices are ubiquitous among prospects – in terms of what TCC target audiences have most in common with one another, “Owns a mobile device” is practically tied for #1 with “Wants to learn.”

    In terms of delivering TCC Mobile to the community, well, we’ve already figured that out and we’re doing it – the http://www.tcc.edu/m/ landing page has generated 5,000 downloads of the app in its first 3 weeks. With delivery figured out, the next step is designing a more attractive and robust landing page, one comports with SEM strategy and SOP.

    With the community tapping into TCC Mobile, there’s a big opportunity to place a designed-for-mobile ‘Welcome to TCC’ module directly into the app. (Incidentally, we can organize modules however we want in TCC Mobile. The most important modules get the best screen real estate, and remaining modules can be found by ‘swiping’ to the left…it would virtually guarantee that users would tap where we wanted them to within TCC Mobile).

    A ‘Welcome to TCC’ module could easily and effectively capture new prospects, and be a great first step in a Prospect Development SOP…It would be a high-visibility, high-interaction, minimum-content (compared to tcc.edu) resource, not unlike the ‘Be Who You Want to Be’ web series we’re putting out…

  2. It is truly amazing how fast we are moving forward with this new strategic plan…something we just started less than a year ago….making things happen!

  3. First of all, it’s “WHOM are we missing?” 🙂 We are a college and everything that is posted in official venues should be grammatically correct. The audience we are missing are the high-school students who are half-way to a degree through Advanced Placement exams, and could be even further towards completing a degree if they knew about credits they can earn through CLEP and DSST exams. While many of these students used to head directly to a four-year college or university, now they are realizing what the load of student debt they generally incur means for their future, particularly if grad school is in the picture (and it will be for most of them.) Strong high school students with AP and CLEP or DSST credits can complete a TCC A.A. or A.S. degree in just one or two semesters – we need to actively show them how and promote that aspect of the college. Most of the colleges and universities to which they will transfer accept CLEP credits. Recruiting these students would raise our graduation rate tremendously and increase the academic caliber of our students in the transfer courses.

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