How can we make TCC even better?

SEM1_blogTCC is already pretty good, right? We have remarkably strong regional brand recognition and a national reputation for innovation and excellence. Our faculty are well respected, and 11 of our programs are nationally accredited. More than 80 percent percent of our graduates tell us that TCC helped them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Now, imagine building on those strengths with a strategic enrollment management (SEM) process that engages every corner of the college in our most important goal: student success. (What is SEM?) It’s an exciting prospect, and we’re excited that President Kolovani tapped us to lead the development of the college’s SEM process.

SEM is Goal 1.1

If you revisit the college’s 2013-2018 strategic plan, you will see that strategic enrollment management is Job One, and it tops the college’s to-do list for 2013-2014.

To that end, we’ve been working together the last couple of months on a framework for developing a SEM plan, including the establishment of a communications channel for us to regularly share updates and exchange ideas with the college community – and for you to talk back to us.

So, welcome to the SEM @ TCC Blog!

This blog will be the online home of the project, allowing you to participate no matter your role or location at the college. It’s the place where ideas can be shared and you can contribute your experience and expertise, even if you can’t participate in person.

We invite you to explore each of the pages on this site and revisit regularly – or better yet, subscribe so you won’t miss a post.

The site will expand as the project grows and there are more details to share and get your feedback on.

How to eat an elephant

Establishing strategic enrollment management is a huge undertaking, especially at a large institution like ours. So we are approaching it, as the old joke says, the way you would eat an elephant: one bite at a time.

The framework separates the project into four phases:

• Pre-enrollment
• Enrollment
• Advancement, and
• Achievement.

Student-Lifecycle-Diagram_bloghome3Each phase has an associated timeframe for completion, though phases may overlap and tasks may be completed in parallel. Also, each recommendation or action item from last summer’s recruitment task forces has been reviewed and assigned to one of these four phases to ensure that all of the good work done by task force members is carried forward.

Our next post will be a call for task force members for the Pre-Enrollment phase.

We hope you will step up and join us as we map out a new future for TCC. If you have any questions, submit them using the “Your Voice” page of the blog.

Thanks, everyone
Daniel, Chuck & James

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