Phase 2 teams are applying elbow grease to process mapping

TCC SEM Phase 2, Group 1, group photograph

Group 1 is mapping admissions, orientation and placement testing. Back row, from left: Terry Eusebio, Khristy Horne, Ray Zatt, Sarah Swager, Nina Elopre, Joyce Flowers, Lauren Rappold, Tuenika Wynn. Seated: Kevin McCarthy, Meshea Vann, Carolyn Cheek, Holly Estrada, Apple Tarves. (Photo courtesy of Dan Cawley)


Sticky notes and markers in hand, five teams have launched Phase 2 of TCC’s Strategic Enrollment Management initiative: Applicant to Student. They are working on an aggressive timeline with finalized “future state” maps to be completed by Dec. 5 and action registries by Dec. 12.

“As everyone knows, enrollment is already trending downward for the spring semester,” said Chuck Lepper, vice president for Student Affairs and one of the college’s three SEM champions. “It is critical that we move more students through the enrollment funnel in order to reverse that trend as soon as possible.” Continue reading

On to Phase 2! Kickoff is Oct. 2

Implementation of the first phase of Strategic Enrollment Management – “Pre-Enrollment” – is underway, with hundreds of improvements to recruitment and prospect management identified and also some immediate fixes.

In order to realize the college-wide benefits of the extensive process mapping and planning activities that began in the spring, TCC must commit to full implementation of these tasks.

And many on our staff are hard at work doing just that! Phase 1 implementation action items will continue on to completion using a project management approach and technology.

Enrollment artTake a deep breath, everyone, because Phase 2 – “Enrollment, from Applicant to Student” – launches on Oct. 2 with a kick-off meeting at our Center for Workforce Solutions. Phase 2 will include such college activities as academic advising, paying tuition and class registration.

With a reinforced and re-energized team, the Phase 2 kick-off meeting will include an overview and exercises in process mapping, as well as finalizing the project scope and an approach to the work.

We’re looking for energetic and knowledgeable task force members for this phase. If you or someone you know can contribute expertise, experience or just good ideas, complete and submit the online nomination form by Friday, Sept. 19.

Again, TCC and its students need your support and your elbow grease as we approach these questions:

  • Which offices and staffs should be involved?
  • How can we capture students’ voices?
  • What topics should be addressed?
  • What processes should be mapped as we look to streamline and standardize?

We want to hear your thoughts on these questions. Post comments below no later than Friday, Sept. 19, and remember to use the Your Voice form for task force nominations.

Daniel, Chuck & James (aka “The 3 Amigos”)

Talking Up TCC: How You Can Support Recruitment

This Guest Post is courtesy of Meshea Vann, Norfolk Campus Admissions Coordinator.

Have you talked up TCC at your church or to your neighbors? Taken part in a college fair or visited a high school? Told your friends why TCC is the right college choice?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are a recruiter. And we want to hear from you! Continue reading

“And the SEMMY goes to…”

Winners of Tidewater Community College SEMMY awards for Strategic Enrollment Management Contributions.

Celebrating their team’s SEMMY award are, from left, David Ekker, Christine Damrose-Mahlman, Jennifer Harpham and Constance King

As the mapping of SEM Phase 1 comes to a close, on Monday the core SEM team paused to reflect on its accomplishments.

After a video welcome by President Baehre-Kolovani, Daniel DeMarte, Chuck Lepper and James Toscano, the project champions, awarded team members with “SEMMYs” in such categories as Most Steps Reduced, Best Process Mapping, Most Team Encouragement, Most Responsibility, Most Flexible Team, Busiest Team, and Most Ambitious Team.

Continue reading

Celebrating Milestones in SEM!

It’s an exciting time in our evolving strategic enrollment management process, and I wanted to share some highlights – milestones really.

We told you back in December that Goal 1.1 of the college’s 2013-2018 strategic plan is to develop a sound SEM process, a huge undertaking we approached with vigor.

We’re still early in a complete implementation of SEM but we’ve accomplished so much in this short time thanks to the teamwork of many of our colleagues. Some highlights we’re thrilled to share: Continue reading